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Spotlight feature on:
Future Nostalgia
Njelele Art Station


With distinct similarities between the themes, subject matter and purposes of these two audio-based projects and that of The Library of Things We Forgot to Remember, Kudzanai highlights Future Nostalgia and Njelele Art Station (as well as the artists behind them) as noteworthy and inspirational.

Both projects – or movements, rather – bring the past into the present, with memory and lived experiences central to the content.

Future Nostalgia:
Atiyya Khan

Atiyyah Khan is an arts journalist, archivist, record collector and events curator from Johannesburg and based in Cape Town.

She is the co-founder of Future Nostalgia, a research-based music and art collective that places emphasis on listening and contributing an alternative platform to music culture, which educates through sound.

Khan has been documenting arts and culture since 2007, been published in newspapers across South Africa and was the 2010 Pulitzer Fellowship recipient for her master’s studies at the University of Southern California.

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Njelele Art Station:
Dana Whabira

Dana Whabira is a Zimbabwean artist, architect and cultural facilitator. She lives and works in Harare, where she founded Njelele Art Station, an urban laboratory that focuses on contemporary, experimental and public art practice.

Njelele is a meeting place for critical dialogue, where ideas are generated and resonate out into the city through projects that provoke discussion and engage with the general public. It is a space for creative ritual that exists between two points, the historical and the future, that is in the contemporary, which is key to understanding the city and its inhabitants.

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